Brittni Ahrens


My name is Brittni, or Britt; I'm a San Diego native and absolutely love California (it's a lifestyle!). By now you can guess, I'm a photographer. Whoo! Love my husband, pup and cleaning (lol). I'm a mover and a shaker, I say YES to mostly everything, I air on the light hearted side, very direct, silly and creative!



I've had a camera in my hand since I was a kid, my dad was in the navy and while 'out to sea', picked me up my very own 35mm (Yeah, film!), years later as a graduation gift, gave me my first dslr camera; exlusively shot Nikon for many years (What? I'm sentimental!). My passion for photography only grew, in High School my favorite class as you can guess was not math, it was Photo!

My style

Some of you know my work from Instagram, which spans beyond a peek into my life; but really is a curation of my experiences and all the in-between moments I love. My style has truly evolved over the years touching on many genres of interest to me: street, lifestyle, portraiture and now weddings! Creativity is a priority, and I'm constantly challenging myself to be my most creative

Education & background

I have two degrees, in Graphic Design and Web design. I've worked in the industry for several years. While I love working in tech, I crave the ability to be my most creative; Photography is my dream job!

Why Weddings?

Since getting married myself, and having such a positive experience with wedding planning I just felt an overwhelming sense that this was where my work would truly evolve, its where I need to be.

What I'm about

I rely on my photos to tell a story, this is important because your story is unique.

I'm not about prom poses, or matching white outfits on the beach. Sorry. I'm here to capture the real stuff... laughing till you cry, wind blown and madly in love, the big moments when you marry your dream boat and the the in between sweet ones too.

There’s a lot of details that go into a beautifully made image, I find while amazing light is a trick of the trade, "focusing on my subjects connection and story really drives it home for me. Your love is genuine and your photos should be as well!"


Let's Get Weird!